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May 31, 2021 2 min read

As the latest apprentice at The Raven and The Wolves, Marc Nguyen represents the next generation of elite tattoo artists — but he didn’t really plan it that way.

After growing up in a family full of artists, Marc went to art school to take his natural talent to the next level. While applying to schools, the young artist took a position as a shop helper at The Raven and The Wolves, figuring that it would be a way to pay the bills while still being in an environment that could benefit him artistically.

But even when he began working in the shop, Marc didn’t consider it a pathway to an apprenticeship. He knew it was a possibility, but he was primarily interested in just keeping a job that aligned with his interests rather than pursue a full-fledged dive into tattooing. Then one day, shop owner Carlos Torres asked him if he’d be interested in apprenticing, and the wheels started turning in Marc’s head.

Carlos saw both the artistic potential and work ethic required to become a world-class tattoo artist in Marc. Similarly to how it was the fortunate break of a lifetime for the lifelong student, the apprenticeship gave Carlos the opportunity to pass his knowledge along to someone within the next generation whom he felt deserved it.

These days, Marc is primarily focused on absorbing as much as he can from the talented artists around him. From high-contrast black and gray to immaculate lettering, the current apprentice wants to pick up everything and anything from the tattooers he so admires. For now, he’ll just keep working on his skills and dabbling in his other passions — like powerlifting, video games, music and movies — in the few hours he has to himself each day.